Saturday, May 28, 2011

Treasure Hunting

We had quite the successful day today at the Christie Antique show. It's a massive antique show with 300 vendors and many treasures to be found. We found a lot of things to be over priced but each of us found at least one thing to take home. My friend Mary Heather got the best find with a Vintage Hudson Bay coat which many vendors for the rest of the day were commenting on. Mr. Christopherson found a petite piano which he was quite fond of and played it as we exited the show grounds. I was able to find an old hand mixer and a darling vintage leather bag. The day turned out to be beautiful and I may have gotten a slight sunburn.. oops. Days like today I love and wish I could have them every weekend. Treasure hunting has by far become one of my favorite things to do. Here are a few photos I snapped throughout the day, including the things we found. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday friends I know I will. xx

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  1. Glad you had a good day and it's nice to see that you were wearing your Wellingtons, you look so cool.