Friday, May 27, 2011

A Deer Little Friend

I'll start by saying that if you know me well you know I have one serious soft side for all animals. For me to watch any of those Planet Earth movies or Oceans or anything like that is beyond impossible due to the fact that I can't even remotely watch any animal get hurt in any way without crying like a baby. Which brings me to todays story... it started with me at home starting to make breakfast for dinner when I got a call from my husband at 8pm "I HAVE A BABY DEER IN THE CAR IT WAS TRAPPED ON THE HIGHWAY CALL ANIMAL RESCUE OR 911!!" you've got to be kidding me. I got off the phone and started calling any possible number which led me to call 911 sounding like an idiot and being like "hey so i have a baby deer who do i call" The guy did actually put me through to the spca which I probably could have called them in the first place but I felt this was an emergency. Chris came through the door with something that sounded like baby crying... it was the most bizarre thing but under the towel was littlest baby deer with the softest coat and little white spots. We brought it down stairs (because we live in an loft) and let it walk around in the front lobby. Eventually animal rescue came and we decided to try to release it back into the forest so its mother could find it. Problem is... where Chris found the deer there is barely any forest around only highways and busy roads. They wandered around for about half an hour seeing if they could find the mother or if the baby cried its mother would come... (oh and by the way it was thundering and lighting and POURING outside) I waited in the car crying my eyes out at this sad little story. Eventually I saw Chris and the animal control lady emerge from the forest with the baby deer following close to their side huddling up against Chris' leg anytime it thundered. I ran out into the rain to see what was going on. There was no way they could just leave the day old baby... the mother might not except it back... the mother may have been killed.... and the poor thing just kept following Chris as if he was its new mama. Finally the animal control lady decided she would take it with her and in the morning she dropped it off at a rehabilitaion center where it would get healthy enough to be release back into the wild. Even though I knew it was in good hands I still went home distraught... I didnt eat dinner and just decided to go to bed. All in all I feel much better that the baby is taken care of its just sad to think of its poor mama wondering where her little babes is. Anyways... here are a few photos we snapped while waiting for animal control to come. It really was the sweetest little deer.

I wish I could have kept the little darling.


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