Saturday, May 28, 2011

Treasure Hunting

We had quite the successful day today at the Christie Antique show. It's a massive antique show with 300 vendors and many treasures to be found. We found a lot of things to be over priced but each of us found at least one thing to take home. My friend Mary Heather got the best find with a Vintage Hudson Bay coat which many vendors for the rest of the day were commenting on. Mr. Christopherson found a petite piano which he was quite fond of and played it as we exited the show grounds. I was able to find an old hand mixer and a darling vintage leather bag. The day turned out to be beautiful and I may have gotten a slight sunburn.. oops. Days like today I love and wish I could have them every weekend. Treasure hunting has by far become one of my favorite things to do. Here are a few photos I snapped throughout the day, including the things we found. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday friends I know I will. xx

Friday, May 27, 2011

A Deer Little Friend

I'll start by saying that if you know me well you know I have one serious soft side for all animals. For me to watch any of those Planet Earth movies or Oceans or anything like that is beyond impossible due to the fact that I can't even remotely watch any animal get hurt in any way without crying like a baby. Which brings me to todays story... it started with me at home starting to make breakfast for dinner when I got a call from my husband at 8pm "I HAVE A BABY DEER IN THE CAR IT WAS TRAPPED ON THE HIGHWAY CALL ANIMAL RESCUE OR 911!!" you've got to be kidding me. I got off the phone and started calling any possible number which led me to call 911 sounding like an idiot and being like "hey so i have a baby deer who do i call" The guy did actually put me through to the spca which I probably could have called them in the first place but I felt this was an emergency. Chris came through the door with something that sounded like baby crying... it was the most bizarre thing but under the towel was littlest baby deer with the softest coat and little white spots. We brought it down stairs (because we live in an loft) and let it walk around in the front lobby. Eventually animal rescue came and we decided to try to release it back into the forest so its mother could find it. Problem is... where Chris found the deer there is barely any forest around only highways and busy roads. They wandered around for about half an hour seeing if they could find the mother or if the baby cried its mother would come... (oh and by the way it was thundering and lighting and POURING outside) I waited in the car crying my eyes out at this sad little story. Eventually I saw Chris and the animal control lady emerge from the forest with the baby deer following close to their side huddling up against Chris' leg anytime it thundered. I ran out into the rain to see what was going on. There was no way they could just leave the day old baby... the mother might not except it back... the mother may have been killed.... and the poor thing just kept following Chris as if he was its new mama. Finally the animal control lady decided she would take it with her and in the morning she dropped it off at a rehabilitaion center where it would get healthy enough to be release back into the wild. Even though I knew it was in good hands I still went home distraught... I didnt eat dinner and just decided to go to bed. All in all I feel much better that the baby is taken care of its just sad to think of its poor mama wondering where her little babes is. Anyways... here are a few photos we snapped while waiting for animal control to come. It really was the sweetest little deer.

I wish I could have kept the little darling.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dainty Dresses

Not much to say right now.... just watching the old Addams Family episodes and decided to share my current love of Ruche. They have the cutest dresses my favorite being in the third photo. All images are from their current spring 2011 lookbook. Check out there site for more gorgeous little things HERE.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sun, Sand, and too many hot dogs

Finally the sun graced us with her presence the past three days but tomorrow its looks as though she's going back into hiding for a few more. All is good though we definitely soaked it up while it lasted. Yesterday we spent the morning in the sun swimming and laying by the pool by the afternoon we were on the beach laying in the sand and skipping stones and we finished off our night right with a glass of red wine and a hot tub. All in all ... it was a good way to start the long weekend! Tomorrow with thunderstorms ahead of us we will probably keep mellow and maybe catch a matinee sometime in the afternoon. I decided I wanted to do a quick post before I pass out and with the love of sun in mind I chose to share with you these photos that I was loving on Spell Designs blog. They pretty much make me wish I lived somewhere where the sun always shines and I could spend everyday at a beach party. 
Lucky bums. Enjoy the rest of the long weekend friends. xx

Friday, May 20, 2011


I feel like I may have blogged about Angus and Julia Stone before about how amazing and beautiful these human beings are so I won't go on about that again but I will rant and rave about how in love I am with all their travelling photos. I can tell just by looking at them that some are total taken by an iphone but they still hold so much beauty. Theres just something so whimsical (my favorite word) and beautiful about a photo that is slightly out of focus or that has such saturated colors. I've posted a few of my favorites below. Oh and as for their music.... just go take a listen... I promise you won't be disappointed. Have a sunshine day, I know I will. xx

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Topshop Love
In exactly 17 days I will be on a plane to the Holy Land and guess where I'm going once I get there? That is correct TOPSHOP! Now before you label me as a terrible person just know that I will be travelling around to numerous religious sites the entire trip but what is currently on my mind is the beautiful things I would like to buy once I get to Topshop. I know its kind of weird that they have one there but I guess you need to look fashionable when your in the desert too. Overall I'm pretty stoked on this trip... I'm in serious need of some sunshine and I sure as hell don't mind soaking that up while floating in the dead sea. Also while we are there it just so happens to be my Birthday... so who knows maybe I'll go for a camel ride to celebrate. Anyways I'm sure I'll go one about this trip for the next couple weeks but in the meantime here are a few pieces I'm lusting over from Topshop. Okay Okay I know you get it... I love Topshop. Enjoy your day friends. xx

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dream a little dream

It's 11:30 but I have been ready to go to bed for the past 5 hours. Its not like my job is hard or anything but man it can wear a girl out. Anyways I know I've been a shit blogger lately but as far as I can see I only have 3 followers... so I can't be letting that many people down by not doing a daily post. This also may be why I only have 3 followers.... worry not friends- soon enough you will see me back in action. I have been less then inspired lately but as of yesterday where I stated to Mr. Christopherson "I had an Epiphany".... This is when he replied "Is that why you invited me to lunch?".. where then I replied back "no I invited you to have lunch with me before I had an epiphany" Anywho I won't bore you with the details right now... that is for the long weekend where I hope to regain some online status (not that I ever had any) and get back at the blogging. In the mean time here are a few photos from a blog I have been seriously obsessing over for a wee bit. They come to you from Miss Jessica Steins blog Tuula. Enjoy my dears. Sweet dreams. xx