Thursday, May 19, 2011


Topshop Love
In exactly 17 days I will be on a plane to the Holy Land and guess where I'm going once I get there? That is correct TOPSHOP! Now before you label me as a terrible person just know that I will be travelling around to numerous religious sites the entire trip but what is currently on my mind is the beautiful things I would like to buy once I get to Topshop. I know its kind of weird that they have one there but I guess you need to look fashionable when your in the desert too. Overall I'm pretty stoked on this trip... I'm in serious need of some sunshine and I sure as hell don't mind soaking that up while floating in the dead sea. Also while we are there it just so happens to be my Birthday... so who knows maybe I'll go for a camel ride to celebrate. Anyways I'm sure I'll go one about this trip for the next couple weeks but in the meantime here are a few pieces I'm lusting over from Topshop. Okay Okay I know you get it... I love Topshop. Enjoy your day friends. xx

1 comment:

  1. niiiiiice!!!! don't you feel bad for a second! jesus would love topshop! haha have the best time girl!