Saturday, August 6, 2011

Your Such A Nerd

Acne Resort 2012 is probably the greatest thing I've seen in a while. I love the layering, I love the colors and its times like these I wish I needed glasses. (Unfortunately I have been told I have better then 20/20 vision.... I've been cursed! haha) The jackets are bananas and definitely what I will be looking for for spring. Lets get through winter first! You can find the whole collection HERE.

Under the Spell

The Spell Design girls are beautiful people which means the things they create can only be brilliant. Heres only a miniscule of their talent. Find the rest HERE.

Island Time

Unfortunately I'm not on an island in Hawaii but I'm still on an island here in Canada which is good enough for me (mmm... ok maybe I'd rather be in Hawaii but still) It's nice to get away at least for the weekend just to soak up some vitamin D and spend my time reading and drinking tea (ok and also blogging... ) Anyways as much as I spend my time in bikinis its nice to change into something dry which brings me to todays post. I found these gorgeous little numbers from Anthropologie the first one by far being one of my favorites. Now I wouldn't suggest galavanting around in these itty bittys while vacationing with say your grandpa or something but if your on a nice little vacay with your lover I'm sure they would be gladly welcomed. All pieces found here can be found HERE

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

See... I told you I had an addiction

But for reals.. how can I not love bathing suits when people like Wildfox make such perfect ones! I'll be honest though I am also semi obsessed with Anja Konstantinova.. her and her bloody fantastic blonde hair. Speaking of hair- little fun life lesson I sure as hell learned today! As desperate as you are to get a hair cut please...PLEASE do not cheap out and get the $7 one... you want to know why?! BECAUSE YOU WILL THEN HAVE TO MAKE ANOTHER HAIR APPOINTMENT THE NEXT DAY TO CUT A WHOLE LOT OF IT OFF JUST TO MAKE IT LOOK SOMEWHAT NORMAL!!! May I just say thank goodness for Miss Anja here inspiring me to do something cute when cutting it short. Anyways. Theres your bedtime story. Gnite my little mermaids.xx

I think I might have an addiction...

So... I have come to conclusion that I may have a small addiction to swimwear only becasue I haven't been able to stop staring and longing for every bloody peice I come across. Anyways heres a few more loves from Free People. xx

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dear Volcom: Damn you and your cute ass bathing suits.

Available 12/1/2011 (also the date I will be forking my savings over to Volcom

P.S I would also like every pair of Jeffery Campbell shoes shown here as well as those pretty painted nails. That is all. Bye Bye Betties. xx