Wednesday, August 3, 2011

See... I told you I had an addiction

But for reals.. how can I not love bathing suits when people like Wildfox make such perfect ones! I'll be honest though I am also semi obsessed with Anja Konstantinova.. her and her bloody fantastic blonde hair. Speaking of hair- little fun life lesson I sure as hell learned today! As desperate as you are to get a hair cut please...PLEASE do not cheap out and get the $7 one... you want to know why?! BECAUSE YOU WILL THEN HAVE TO MAKE ANOTHER HAIR APPOINTMENT THE NEXT DAY TO CUT A WHOLE LOT OF IT OFF JUST TO MAKE IT LOOK SOMEWHAT NORMAL!!! May I just say thank goodness for Miss Anja here inspiring me to do something cute when cutting it short. Anyways. Theres your bedtime story. Gnite my little mermaids.xx

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