Tuesday, July 19, 2011

When did 24 start feeling like 70

Its 10:30pm and I'm laying in bed with my dog burrowed in my armpit and an ache in my back. When did this early bedtime really begin? Why is it that when I stand up I instantly support my lower back with my hand? When did I become this fragile thing that pops a rib just from coughing a little too hard. It's pathetic if you ask me! Soon I'll be tossing my head back when taking vitamins as if it actually does anything and cutting up my food into a million little pieces just so my body can digest it properly. I've been a bitter betty lately and this attitude needs to go. I'm not getting anything done. What happened to the days where I lied on the carpet in my sunshine room cutting anything I could find into a clump of pieces that somehow became art, at least by the end of the day I was satisfied with what I created. I need to get my act together, as well my wardrobe needs some revamping... I know that sounds like its doesn't have anything to do with what I'm talking about but trust me it does. There's no need for you to understand. Vincent says goodnight.

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