Monday, July 11, 2011

I'll wear sunglasses to my funeral

So I'd say for quite some years now I have maybe possibly had an issue with constantly buying sunglasses and I don't mean the $5 dollars ones you buy at the kiosk in the middle of the mall I'm talking Ray Ban after Ray Ban, Chanels, Spys, Von Zippers. Of course to this day I still wear my classic ray bans the most, they are my go to and I have been good with not splurging on any more sunnies more recently. Unfortunately I may just relapse because Karen Walker is a genius and blew my mind with her sunglasses. So images below- 1st ones are most likely going to be my next sunglasses, the second ones are not Karen Walker but are still freakin awesome and brought to you by Elizabeth and James and the 3rd ones are back to Miss Karen Walker. I can't even look at them anymore because they are giving me heart palpitations because I know I can't have them just yet. phooey.

Nightly Note: I wonder if when Karl Lagerfeld dies he will actually lay in his coffin wearing sunglasses..... I just mean.. it'd be weird if he didn't. Right?

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