Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Get My Sweat On! #makeeverymovecount

So if you know me I'm not exactly one to go to the gym everyday.... or ever. The extent of my workout routine is hot yoga which I think is pretty good but lets be honest... I haven't gone in a long time. With all this in mind I figure may as well get my ass into gear and start making myself sweat (RESOLUTION #5 Try to sweat at least once a day.... yup I just made that one up now) So I downloaded this AMAZING little thing called the Nike Training App... if you have not heard of it go download it NOW.. seriously! Why would anyone have a trainer or go to the gym when Nike has made it this easy to get yourself into serious shape. Anyways so today is Day 2 of me trying it out, the first workout I did was called the Butt Buster and I only had to do it for 15min.... and yes my ass most definitely felt busted this morning! Today I did a 30min workout called Full Action. See the more you workouts you do you get more workout rewards along the way. Another rad thing about the app is that your fav athletes (example: Laura Enever) have their own workout routines for you to try... so if you're dying for killer surfer arms you can just follow her routine and she'll get you there. ANYWAYS I'm kind of falling asleep here since my Nike Trainer kicked my ass. Goodnight and Goodluck. And watch this video if you need to get stoked on sweating.

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