Tuesday, January 3, 2012


New year's bring new ideas... new goals... and a new sense of ourselves. We take this time to re-evaluate our lives and see what we can do to better ourselves. I myself am doing just that... mind you it has taken me three days to figure out exactly what that might consist of and I sure as hell still don't fully have a plan but I have ideas... and thats all I need for now. So thus far my "New Years Resolutions" as we call them are-

1. Read one book a month: I feel more inspired when I am consistently reading, I like being forced to use my imagination. With this goal who knows where my imagination will take me.

2. LOVE: sounds silly and simple but damn its hard... In general I would just like to be nicer to people not necessarily just friends and family but show love to strangers, you never know what might be going on in their life.

3. Be Creative- CREATE: I want knit more, learn to crochet a blanket, learn to sew, make jewelry, play an instrument. Creating is a way to make your soul grow

4. Say Yes to Adventure: I find we get lazy in our day to day lives so this year I want to experience everything and anything... whether its road trips or pottery classes... the more you do the more you learn

5. BE A BETTER BLOGGER: this one I just decided upon today... I kind of threw my blog aside and decided I didn't care anymore... aka I became lazy.... so HOPEFULLY I am going to try to get into a routine of sharing my day to day inspirations with you in hopes that maybe I will inspire you

At the end of the day we all just want to better ourselves.. and this is my small way of starting that process. I'm stoked. You should be too. Life's short. Be Happy.

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