Monday, June 27, 2011

Someone Like You

As always I do my daily lurk on whether its to see what new looks have been posted or to find some new blogs thats are somewhat intriguing. Now every so often you come across that certain person that you feel just puked inspiration on you, today Lina Tesch did just that. Her look seemed somewhat cool but it was when I went to her blog that her photography definitely got my attention, well at least enough for me to share how freakin awesome she is. Now due to my husband being a photographer I have become somewhat critical when looking at other photographers I no longer just see a cool image I see the lighting, the crush, all that bloody annoying photographer talk I have to listen too. Anyways this girl seems to have it all.. the few photos I have posted here are just some of the favorites. Heres her website and blog to check out yourself. Later lesbos. xx

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