Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Swimming In Snow

I leave for Florida in exactly one week which seriously Thank God because I am currently stuck in my house at the moment due to one brutal snow storm. All I want is a cupcake right now and I can't even drive to get that. So anyways since I'm cooped up inside I decided to hunt for a new bathing suit for my vacay. Generally I end up going with one of the surf brands Billabong/Roxy/Volcom those are my go toos but I have to say I am currently lusting over Anthropolgies insanely cute styles. I'm game for a high waisted bikini this year... I think they actually look better on me then a regular bikini due to the fact that I have an abnormally long torso they seem to make me look more proportionate. Can you tell now that I have been stuck inside for some time now... I keep rambling. So I'll cut myself off here.

Here's the styles I adored. xx

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