Thursday, February 3, 2011

I read childrens books.

Now I did blog about Obeys winter line not to long ago but seeing as we just had Groundhog day and spring is supposidly closer then we think I'm diving right into the Spring Lookbooks checking out what we will have in store for us this season. So far rompers are back and stripes never seemed to go away. The main print that has caught my eye lately though is that mexican native type print (i.e image 3 & 5) I'm no to sure how to explain it at this point but both Hurely and Obey have been seen using it in a few different pieces. I'm not one to complain though ever since Wildfox started the trend of the native prints I've been so obessed I've even been reading Weetzie bat over and over. (If you don't know what Weetzie bat is its a kids novel that is about a free spirited girl that runs through canyons and the streets of L.A wearing moccassins. She's really into the native scene... just read it) So i guess to sum everything up... native print is cool and so is reading kids books. Happy Thursday

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