Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Natural Home

One of my favourite places to hang out is the book store. I love the smell, I love wandering around with endless things to look at, and I love that I can grab a stack of books, sit on the floor and not a single person will bother me. Yesterday I spent my evening doing this, with an Earl Grey Latte in hand I was in my happy place. I came across this incredible design book called The Natural Home. It was simply beautiful. There is one way to win me over with a book and its the layout, if it is done well with the perfect text, and the perfect photographs, I will love it forever. I consider myself to be a visual person so these kinds of things excite me. This book though! Oh I just ate it up, the textures, the colours, the simplicity of a natural home. My words can't do it justice so I encourage you to go take a look. It is truly inspirational. 
 Photography by Debi Treloar

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