Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gift Cards Make you Spend More Money

Forever 21 gives me anxiety. Plain and Simple. Generally I will take a quick walk through and peace out within 5 minutes. But since I had a gift card from Christmas I figured I had to make more of an effort and really $25 doesn't really go very far unless your shopping at forever 21. So here are the items I came across and eventually purchased. The faux leather shorts were my first find.. I have been wanting a pair like that since Balmain showed them on his runway... secondly comes the mustard yellow knit hat. That was the number one item I was going to knit for myself this year and never did and I figured for $6 it would save me the hassle and disappointment. Lastly I was getting in line to pay for my finds and I happened to see this eggplant color jacket with the faux fur collar and sleeves and it was $11.99 so I figured what the hell. Overall I spent $17.00 after using my gift card this is generally what happens when you have a gift card, you always end up spending money. Damn their good.

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